Saturday, June 24, 2006

Working session with Shakespeare

Now you have to keep in mind that we’re traveling during a massive heat wave in the West. Just about the time we were starting to feel sorry for ourselves (forcast: Redding, CA – 112F, Medford, OR – 107) Brian got a call from Emily (their event planner extraordinaire) and learned about the misfortunes of Washington DC/Maryland – 13 inches of rain in 24 hours, and still storming strong! We took comfort in the fact that we weren’t navigating a flood, then beat feet to a place where we could take a break from the sun. Our destination? Lake Shasta, CA.

Now you’d expect that a couple tech happy travelers such as ourselves would have the foresight to take a picture or two of a place as cool as Shasta, but I guess the heat got to us. Or perhaps the Pacifico, but I only drank one… We scoped out the variety of-boats at Holiday Harbor, took a few swims, and headed back North towards Oregon.

After a little mental math, we decided it would make sense to continue up I-5, stopping in Ashland (home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival - for some wifi, a cup of cold java, and a work session. We landed at a funky cool little hippie coffee shop called Evo’s, worked until they kicked us out (then until they kicked us off the deck) and headed for the hills. Can you find the woman hiding her face with her hat? She got a bit twitchy about me running around with a camera. Maybe she's in a witness relo program or something... ;-)

As we rolled out of Ashland, a new goal strongly appeared: reach the family cabin on Lake of the Woods, OR in time to experience the sunset in all it’s glory. Did we make it? You be the judge.


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