Saturday, June 24, 2006

Whiskey, Scotch, or Bourbon?

Last night Rick and I met up with our friend Jack Cain in Santa Cruz. He likes Flavor Ice (or Otter Pops as they call them here in Santa Cruz). Rick was nice enough to help Jack bring the Otter P's into the house.

Jack lives in Santa Cruz and he and his wife were gracious enough to take us out to dinner on the boardwalk. The highlight of the evening was after dinner. We went back to Jack's house where he set up a tasting of several whiskeys.

I didn't have much experience with whiskey, but Rick and Jack taught me how to sip without taking the fumes up the nose, so that helped. Jack gave us samples all the way up to a Johnnie Walker Blue.

I'm amazed at the range of flavors of various whiskeys. I really enjoyed the Caol Ila, which had a smokey, almost mesquite after taste.

Both Rick and I definitely have a much better appreciation of good whiskey! Thanks Jack! (That's "Jack" as in "Cain," not "Jack" as in "Daniels.")


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