Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wanderin' Santa Cruz

Our marvelous host Jack suggested we couldn't leave Santa Cruz without sampling some of the Boardwalk. After a fabulous breakfast and coffee (thank you Glenna!) we borrowed Jack's wireless and got a few of the blog items up and the requisite e-mail done. At Jack's urging, we rolled for the beach around 1ish before the fog rolled in. Boy were we glad we took his advice!

The Santa Cruz boardwalk was awesome! It was similar to something like Ocean City with it's amusement park, or perhaps a bit like Coney Island - a cool amusement park on the beach, surrounded by beachfront eateries and shops. The shot here was taken from the railroad trestle we crossed as we walked to the Boardwalk from Jack’s house.

We had a blast wandering around taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of Santa Cruz. Along the way we had time for a few shenanigans just to make sure everyone knew we don't take ourselves too seriously.

BriForum 2006 attendees may recall the beginning of the session Brian, Benny Trische, and I did to wrap up BriForum. Long story short – I offered a warm 16oz Monster energy drink to the attendees, and Brian responded to the crickets with a heroic guzzling effort. Well, on the Boardwalk we ran across a pickup all pimped out with the Monster brand, staffed with people handing out free drinks to all comers. This sparked a laugh about the BriForum fiasco (Brian almost chuked multiple times during our session!) which turned into a fun little video session. I don’t want to steal our new video editor’s thunder, but here’s a sneak peak (snapshot from the AVI he’s working on).

Also in the name of ‘thunder stealer avoidance’, I won’t share too much about some of the other goofiness that ensued. When he’s ready, we should get some cool mini-videos out of Brian. One in particular that was a complete blast to do – the Californication of Citrix. You can see the results of this fun little ditty in his blog post:

During this trip I’ve been having fun teasing Brian about being a (sometimes) shy single guy. While Brian was hunting sunglasses, Jack and I hatched this plan to stage an interesting ‘event’ for Brian and capture his reaction on film. Our plans managed to leak out, but Brian was still game. We went for a wander along the beach to see if we could find some willing participants among the people enjoying a nice day on the beach in Santa Cruz. After I struck out miserably, Jack turned on the charm and talked a handful of beach-goers into participating.

After the plan for the shoot was shared with our co-conspirators (wow! I sound like a producer!), we gave the video camera to Jack and started rolling. In our little video, Brian and I walked towards Jack, babbling something about the relative coefficient of friction between fiberglass and foam surfboards, then this group of girls comes running up all ‘ga ga’ over BRIAN MADDEN! While he’s graciously receiving their adoration, I was bouncing around outside the throng trying to call attention to myself: ‘Hey! I’m Rick Dehlinger, you know, the geeky techie guy?’ ‘Hello! Over here!’ One of the girls turns around and pushes me back saying ‘go away married guy!’

We thought we were tricky, and that we had just pulled off something very funny, but we found out shortly there after that we had a ‘camera malfunction’ and missed the whole thing! Poor Jack – he was worried that the girls would think we were some weirdo’s if the video didn’t show up as we’d told them it would. I promised Jack I’d post a picture of them, along with a ‘sorry’ for our little boo boo.


Blogger Jack Cain said...

Uhh..that should be "californization" or something similar, guys...the word you are using is a geographical slur.

11:06 AM  
Blogger RickD said...

Sorry 'bout that Jack - no dis-respect meant by it. We're planning on an article about this topic in the future, and will correct it for that drop. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


12:41 AM  

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