Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Video: Is California the future of Citrix?

One thing that's occurred to me since I've been on the west coast is that it seems that Citrix is becoming more of a "California" company instead of a "Florida" company. Rick and I decided to share our thoughts via video while we were killing time on the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

View the video of Brian & Rick discussing the Californication of Citrix (Quicktime, 1 min 22 sec, 7.6MB)

Did I really buy a Mac? I made this video in about 10 minutes, but I'll never reveal whether it was done on a Mac or a PC.

P.S. This video is in Quicktime format.

P.P.S. Rick is the one with the weird hat.


Blogger RobF said...

How you managed to do that without busting out in laughter is beyond me!!!! Nice work! I particularly liked the kid behind Brian. His facial expression (or lack of) cracked me up!

3:14 PM  

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