Wednesday, June 28, 2006

That mosh pit totally ruined my pedicure

Hi Everyone,

Katie here writing from Drive 2006! I took the train down yesterday from Seattle to join Brian and Rick at their Portland user group event and hang out for the evening. The user group event was fun. It was great to meet some technologists surrounding the Pacific Northwest area and hear their input on the Drive 2006 mission.

At the event I met some cool people, one being Julian Wilcoxon, a Citrix compadre and good friend of Rick D’s. Last night I tagged along with Rick and Julian for a night out while Brian went back to the hotel to get some work done. We were headed to an all ages concert of a hip hop band Rick and Julian know of. We stopped at a local pub for an adult beverage or two.. assuming that the ‘all ages’ description of the concert meant that we would likely be hipping and hopping with a younger crowd. Sure enough we arrived and quickly learned we represented the geriatric following of this band’s fans. Despite any blazing age difference amongst our fellow concert goers the concert was a total blast and the band totally rocked (although I don’t think they’ll every receive sponsorship from the American Lung Association.) It was an awesome time hanging with Rick and Julian and watching Rick D ‘get his groove on’. (‘Go Rick…it’s your birthday…). All in all it was an awesome time, hanging with the youth of Portland, kickin’ with Rick and Julian--but that mosh pit totally ruined my pedicure.


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