Sunday, June 25, 2006

Roadside Hangout - Northern CA

After our startling experience with the high tension power lines, we jumped back in the chariot and rolled up the street and down another, finally settling in on a spot between a sunflower field and an alfalfa field.

Once we stopped, we immediately grabbed the lawn chairs and a gin and tonic, then continued our conversation under the numerous stars in the NorCal sky (the most Brian’d seen to date, but he got a pleasant surprise later on in the trip!).

At some point in the conversation the question of ‘you see any reason why we should move this thing?’ came up. The answer was a resounding ‘no’, so we continued our brain bending discussions until we both dropped.

I awoke the next morning to Brian wandering around the aarr vee whispering into the video camera. I still haven’t watched the vid to see what he was murmuring to himself, but if my waking moments show up on his site I’m going to post the picture with the fire ants. Remember the ‘circle of trust’ Mr… ;-)


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