Friday, June 23, 2006

NetScaler play in San-Jozay

After a fabulous evening out with a host of amazingly cool people and a comfy night in a suite Gustav and Richski lined up for us, we were a bit slow moving the next morning. We did make it to San Jose without too much drama, but landed a bit late and somewhat sideways. The Citrix security officer was kind enough to capture our, um, 'off center' landing for prosperity. Appropriate, wouldn't you say?

We were in San Jose to catch a Netscaler hands-on training session at Citrix ANG's HQ office in San Jose. The honorable Miss Jennifer Enfinger was presiding over the low key hands-on session. Believe it or not, she was nice enough to take a picture with us hooligans!

The session was pretty cool - it's amazing how much cool things a geek can do with these things! Now if they'd just offer a hella discount so 'normal' peeps have more opps to to play with them... ;-)

We where joined in the session by some of the local hell-raising talent from MTM. They were hesitant to let us take their picture (perhaps there's some outstanding warrants with the local constabulary? Just kidding gents!) but we snapped a group mug shot anyway... the other two cats slipped out while we were discussing the where/when/how DNS resolution comes into play with GSLB. Jennifer summoned 'the Angel' and we got our questions answered and then some. Thanks Angel!

After a long discussion about wether or not Netscaler appliances really existed, we managed to talk an unsuspecting Citrite into taking us on a wander. Much to our excitement, we stumbled upon a test lab with - get this - a bunch of Netscaler's in it! I should have taken a picture of a pair we saw in an old display room. They had some bitchin' blue and red lights behind the logos, and looked really cool behind glass in a dark room. Personally, I like the old school colors/device branding on the boxes I circled...

After struggling all morning against the urge to take the podium, we finally gave in and got busy. Here's Brian in the middle a faux 'Windows printing' diatribe, and I'm, well, taking the podium! Fortunately for us, the room was empty so we didn't embarrass ourselves too badly.

Brian, arms loaded with chachki, sandwiches, and libations, stumbles for the door on our way to the mall (I know, I know - the mall was Brian's idea. You'll see why I went along with it soon!)


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