Monday, June 26, 2006

Crazy Cool Camera

Once we got back on the road, I let Brian drive and started playing around with the camera I picked up for the trip. It’s a Cannon PowerShot S2 IS, and we’ve both been amazed at the pictures it’s captured. In the name of geeky illustration, here’s a couple of the experimental shots I snagged.

This one I figured would be a bomb – shooting at close range, inside a moving vehicle, with very bright sunlight outside. We were amazed at how it drew the light out of the dark interior and didn’t allow the bright/moving roadside overwhelm the picture. Brian’s got his ‘I’m a very good driver’ face on.

The next shot that impressed me was taken out the window of the RV in motion. The scene was the valley of the Upper Klamath Basin, with some of the low-lying yet still snow covered hills in the background. I expected it smear like mad, but it actually came out pretty clean.

Finally, I was dinking around and scrambled to take a picture of a monstrous funky dinosaur cow sort of thing as we drove past it. My framing and timing sucked, but the less than perfect results showed me it could have been a clean picture if I’d been on it. Did I mention that I’m far from a skilled photographer?


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