Friday, June 23, 2006

Could have been 'has Madden gone MAC?'

I mentioned the mall run in a previous post - it was all about the MacBook. Brian's been planning to purchase a Mac for some time, so it didn't take much urging to talk him into picking it up on the trip. From the moment we walked into the Mac Store, the 'experience' started. Clean, open, hip retail space. No cash register in site. The whole transaction tripped out both us and the store clerk. We were tripping on the store and the location independent POS (clerks carried wireless handheld devices with card readers, barcode scanners, and a receipt printer built in. Not surprisingly, it wasn't running Windows) and she was tripping on the hooligan walking in, making a purchase decision in about 2.5 seconds, and handing over a Corporate AMEX for payment. Do you think she checked for ID?

Believe it or not, we actually had a bunch of cool pictures taken to spin a scandalous story about Brian going MAC, but an unidentified (user?) error caused us to come up empty handed. Electronic gizmos, +1. Brian and Rick, -1.

I'm going to push Brian to write up a longer post on first impressions of life on the Mac. Let's just say that, even with one Mac/BSOD, the first 25 minutes with the MacBook were overwhelmingly positive! The fit and finish - unparalleled. It makes my Toshiba Portege and Brian's Thinkpad look like third rate clones! The thing just oozes style, clear down to the bottom of the notebook even! Long story short, inside of 15 minutes (including recovering from the first, apparently fluke OS crash) we had the thing booted, personalized with a picture from the built-in webcam, the camcorder connected, and the first DVD movie project ready to burn! Granted it took quite a while to pull the rest of the scenes from the camera (we've got a decent chunk of video!) and the DVD menus, titles, audio, etc. were very basic, but we could have literally popped in a blank DVD and had player ready output inside the time it takes to burn at 8 or 16x.

Since we didn't get to have fun with our original pictures, I snapped a slightly suspecting one of Brian working on the MacBook just to prove it wasn't a hoax. Consider this the booby prize!


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