Monday, June 26, 2006

Big Mountain in your Face!

After our linner in Bend, OR, we beat feet for Government Camp, OR and our rendezvous with my long time friend Julian Wilcoxon. The blast up highway 97 was uneventful, except for one turn along the way. The picture below is what hit us in the face as we rounded a bend in the road...

The mountain in the picture is Mt, Hood, one of the volcanos in the Cascade Mountain range. One real cool thing about Hood - it's got a glacier on it, and the Timberline Lodge resort does a decent chunk of ski/snowboard business during the summer season. In the close-up below you can see the lanes they cut for the ski camps, and the half-pipes and hits in the snowboard parks they build for the campers who flock into town for the summer session.

While we were stopped on the side of the highway, it seemed like a great opportunity to check out the local flora, fauna, and animal life. Here Brian experiments with the local variety of fire ants. Maybe he was trying to compare their sting with the variety they have in Maryland? Maybe you should ask him about it next time you see him!


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