Monday, June 26, 2006

Beware the Easy Button!

On our way out of Jack’s house he gave us one of the Staples Easy Button gizmo’s. He made us promise we’d include it in the blog somewhere along the line. While this picture is clearly not too creative of a use for the Easy Button, it gave me a great placeholder to discuss the big plans we’ve got for it!

Brian’s current car is a 1976 Alfa Romeo Jiulia, and it’s got one ‘surprising’ addition that isn’t stock: an air horn from a fire truck (thank you eBay!) backed by a compressor and a 1 gallon air tank. Currently, it’s wired up to the horn buttons in the car, enabling it’s owner to shake things up as the situation warrants. Can you imagine being a jay-walker and getting a fire-truck horn blown at you from a 47 pound car? Ouish! Here’s Brian and his little darling, circa BriForum 2006 (picture from a 700W).

So the plan of record is to wire up one of the channels of Brian’s $14 remote-start capable alarm system up to the air-horn. This will allow one of the key-fobs for the alarm to be embedded in the Easy Button, allowing the air horn to be activated wirelessly by tapping the big red button.

Will that work for you Jack? ;-)


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